Start Writing Fiction Course – Week 1

During the first week of the Creative Writing Mooc we learnt about the importance of drawing ideas from real-life to add detail to our writing. We were also encouraged to keep a notebook to make observations and play with ideas.

We had to write a couple of paragraphs containing different amounts of fact and fiction:

Paragraph 1:

I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming; I’d made it to the final. I had spent the previous week training for the gaming tournament but I never really believed I stood a chance. Now I was sat before a large audience eyeing up my opponent. I was hoping to unnerve her while keeping my own composure but as I glanced down I noticed my hands were starting to shake around the controller. The prize was placed central stage in clear view; a golden console. The entire room waited in silent anticipation as the countdown to the game began.

Paragraph 2:

He pulled me into the stone turret where we began to climb the spirals that led around the perimeter; his hand guiding me so that I wouldn’t stumble. As we emerged on top and my eyes adjusted to the brightness a wonderful view of Conwy was revealed. I could feel my boyfriend fumbling about in his coat pocket beside me. Suddenly a realization hit me that explained his odd behaviour the previous night and my breath caught. He held a wooden box and inside was a beautiful gold ring encrusted with white gems. The answer of course was ‘yes.’

For the second task we had to watch a video and make observations. We then had to use our notes to create a character sketch. I was drawn to a woman on a laptop because everything about her suggested that she was very withdrawn at that moment in time:

While the rest of the world hummed by an asian woman in a blue sweater sat withdrawn in the corner of a café surrounded by empty tables. Over her face hung a dark fringe that partly covered her eyes. In her ears she had placed headphones so as to keep the distractions at bay. On the table in front sat a huge laptop that obscured most of her form. Her shoulders were slightly hunched over the keyboard and her face bore a serious expression into the screen as she focussed intently. She tilted her head slightly from side to side as she tried to take in as much as she could; her hand clicking feverously on the mouse. She had dedicated a lot of time to the activity and an empty mug with dry stains sat near by; It wouldn’t be long before another round of coffee would be required.

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