Breeding Good Shiny Pokemon

Tamashii Hiroka’s video ‘3 Ways to Get a Shiny Pokemon in X & Y’ gave me the urge to try once again to get a shiny version of one of my favourite Pokemon, Charizard. I’d tried once before in Pearl but ran out of patience. Seeing that another person had managed to make it happen gave me the courage to try again, plus I think the chances of obtaining one have increased in the new games.

Shiny Charizard Pokemon

I decided to use the Masuda method which basically increases the chance of getting a shiny by breeding Pokemon from different regions (the wonder trade can be used if you don’t have a Pokemon from a different region.) Breeding for a shiny can also ensure that you get one with the nature you want and possibly good IV’s too. The female Pokemon determines what the egg will hatch into and the two Pokemon must have an egg group in common (Serebii is a good place to look these things up.) To get the nature you want you can use an Everstone which guarantees that it will be passed down to the offspring (by breeding between egg groups you can eventually get a female version of the Pokemon you want with the right nature.) I won’t lie, it can be very time consuming.

When you have the two Pokemon set up you basically have to hatch a lot of eggs until finally landing a Shiny one. You can hatch eggs more quickly by placing a Pokemon with the flame body ability at the front of the party (I used a Fletchinder which I remember was available fairly early on in the game.) I cycled backwards and forwards down the straight route outside of the day care centre and every time the man outside turned around he had an egg for me. Leaving the Super Trainer screen open allows you to see how many eggs you currently have. With each Pokemon you can confirm whether or not it’s a shiny because a little red star appears on their stat screen (as you can see in the images.)

Shiny Bulbasaur Pokemon

I actually got quite lucky with my charmander and after hatching just 60 eggs I found myself looking at a shiny version of the Pokemon. Then, led by the eagerness created by my success I decided to try once again with a Bulbasaur. This time around my resolve really was tested as I had to hatch around 800. As I have quite an active mind I tend to like having simple tasks to keep my hands busy while I’m watching TV or a film so I didn’t mind too much.

There are other ways to get shiny Pokemon; fishing and chaining with the Poke Radar, but you can’t always guarantee which one you’re going to get or with what nature. I tried the fishing method and after a few attempts I managed to get a shiny Corsola. Chaining with the Poke Radar can be quite frustrating and I really don’t fancy trying this again; I succeeded once back in Pearl after creating a chain of 118 Shinx. I have also been lucky enough to obtain a shiny Woobat naturally and have gained a few through download events.

Shiny Corsola Pokemon

If you are still hoping to get a shiny Pokemon it is definitely achievable if you are willing to put in some effort, but I’m not sure if it’s really worth the time involved unless it’s one of your absolute favourites. I’ve heard that you can get a reward item that increases the chances of getting a shiny by collecting them all, but I already let go of that notion a long time ago in preference for the training and competitive side of Pokemon.


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