Tibia on Steam Greenlight


Tibia is a retro style MMORPG that is over 17 years old by the developers CIPSoft. I’ve been playing it on and off for a fair few years myself, but have recently started to grow concerned over how much life the game has left in it. I think the community mostly consists of the really dedicated while many others have left and new players tend to be deterred. I can understand why many people dislike the game: it has botting issues, power abuse, very repetitive grindy gameplay and is lacking visually. Yet despite this there is something about Tibia that continues to lure me back in. There is something that Tibia gives me that I haven’t yet managed to find in another MMORPG. Tibia is my guilty pleasure.

I think what I like most about Tibia is how open and free the world feels. You’re not hooked into a story and there is no cut off point to the end game. You can choose which home town to live in so there’s no order to it either. You can also buy your own houses within the world and you come to recognise the other players living in the same area giving a stronger sense of community. The other MMORPGs that I play by contrast tend to put you on a linear story and drive you down a set path. Once you have completed the main quest line you then enter an end game stage that can make you feel slightly cut off from other new players. Sometimes the end game can also feel stronger than the rest of the game, or often in the case of newer games it can feel lacking and you run out of stuff to do.

I also like the simplicity of Tibia along with its graphic style; It feels a bit like reading a book in that some of it is left open for your imagination. I enjoy developing my own back stories and personalities for my characters so I tend to prefer games that are either open enough for me to add my own ideas to the world or include mechanics that allow me to make choices for my character (nothing worse than building a character who’s meant to be aggressive and hearing a soft voice come from their lips, or vice versa :p.) Tibia was intended to be a role playing game so you type when you talk to other npcs. You can also decorate your house however you want (even if it’s just to brag about your possessions.)

The game also ignites my desire for exploration (which not many games do.) The world is quite big and includes lots of different areas, enemies and deep cave systems. The world isn’t linear either (in other words it’s not a case of a low level area gradually leading into a higher level area as your character gets stronger.) There is absolutely no guarantee that you won’t accidentally run into a high level enemy and die, for which there is a relatively harsh penalty. For some reason I seem to enjoy exploring more when there is a higher element of risk to it (Dark Souls gives me this same feeling.) I guess I enjoy some of the thrill that comes with it, and trust me when I say Tibia has left my heart pounding on many occasions. The stories of our deaths go on to be remembered and told years later. I guess that wanting to be strong enough to take on the world is also a motivating factor in developing your character.

Tibia is a game that has many flaws, but there are certain aspects of it that I wish I could enjoy more of in other MMORPGs. If I could find another game that offered me a similar vibe then I possibly would consider switching over (feel free to make recommendations in the comments.) I’m now surprised to find that Tibia has actually been added to Steam Greenlight; if it succeeds it could potentially boost the flogging community. With my concerns about the community along with the fact that I’ve never really seen much marketing for Tibia before I really never expected to ever see it on Steam. If you’re already a fan or daring enough to give it a go then check it out at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=257622182.


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