Start Writing Fiction Course – Week 4

A lot of this week was focussed on how to use your wiring journal, research and plot development. During the first week of the course I actually went out and bought a notebook for my writing, but I have to admit it has not yet become a habit for me; I suppose I feel a bit strange going out and writing about my observations in public. I do tend to start writing my ideas down by hand first before moving to the computer though; a friend told me that typing on a computer can feel very different to writing by hand and that it can help to start away from the screen.

We were encouraged to take an observation, perform some research to try and enrich it and then to use questions such as ‘what if?’ to guide our imaginations and add a story behind the character. I had seen some girls in school uniforms out of hours walking in the park and so I thought it would be interesting to imagine why they were out of school and what they were doing. I had also watched a video recently ( about how creative children sometimes struggle more at school as the system doesn’t suit them. I wondered if these girls had possibly skipped school because they too were very creative and the classroom environment turned them off.

Lilly tugged on her customary school tie so that it hung loose over her unbuttoned blouse. Her fluted skirt had been rolled up over her bare knees. She was accompanied by her two best friends Jessica and Laura, who had also customised their own attire. The modifications made them feel more comfortable in the warm weather but they also had the added bonus of giving them that ‘hot chick’ look.

The thought of being stuck in a stifling classroom practising maths sums made Lilly squirm. She didn’t seem to have much patience for school and had trouble sitting still. The three of them had decided to escape through the metallic prison like gates and were now strolling contiguous to each other by a lake. Tunes were blasting from their mp3 players. Startled ducks sprawled from their grassy banks towards the shimmering water; an echo of the clear blue atmosphere above. Lilly gazed longingly at the refreshing pool and she suddenly became aware of how parched she felt.

“What sound should we have?” Jessica asked enthusiastically. “I prefer pop to R&B”, Lilly said while licking her dry lips. She arched her neck forward trying to judge the distance to the oncoming café. Her two friends looked uncertain but then seemed to nod their heads in unison. Together they were hoping to form a band and quit school. The teachers were going to freak when they finally walked out of that door for good.

We also discussed our own interests and concerns as these could become influential factors in what we choose to write about. I listed a few:

  • Love of animals and concerned about species dying out

  • Likes computers and video games

  • Enjoys being creative (photography, art)

  • Life long learner

  • Have an interest in psychology

  • Concerned about bullying and group mentality

  • Concerned about the obsession people have with beauty and how it lowers self-esteem

  • Concerned about the increase in cases such as depression and anxiety and the fact that they still carry a stigma

  • Concerned about the education system

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