Start Writing Fiction Course – Week 7

Most of my time was spent working on my short story which we have to submit in the final week. I also learnt about the importance of reading and reviewing other books. I chose a couple of books, one that I enjoyed and one that I didn’t and tried to summarise how they made me feel. I do have a tendency to analyse and form strong opinions about most of my experiences, although I still found this tricky because the last book I read will always be the freshest in my mind.

The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisinger and Inheritance) by Christopher Paolini
The author was quite young when he first started the series so you can tell that the writing improves throughout; I like how Eragon appears to grow along with the author. At the start he’s inexperienced and a little naïve, but towards the end he’s very grown up. I could sense a lot of the author within the text as Eragon explores some of his beliefs and ideals. Each race is portrayed differently (in terms of their morals and religious beliefs) and as Eragon comes into contact with each he develops and absorbs what they teach him. The book sometimes switches between characters, but each one has a distinct vibe to it. Reading about Eragon feels like a light fantasy book, while in contrast to this parts about his brother Roran feel quite dark and grisly. I like how the book doesn’t glamorize war or gloss over the darker aspects of it.

Hunger Games (Mockingjay) by Suzanne Collins
Its been a while since I read Hunger Games but I remember feeling disappointed with it. I feel like the book is too dark, focussing on how the games have effected Katniss’ mental state. While I don’t need to have a good ending I do still prefer a story to have ups and downs otherwise you have no contrast for comparison. The story feels a little over-reliant on shock tactics to grip you and many of the likeable characters developed in the previous books seem to change for the worse (and in turn takes away some of the meaning to it.)

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