A Visit To The Rift Barbershop

Rift Cyndawulf

When I first start playing a new MMORPG, how I feel about my character really makes a big difference to how much I am able to engage with the game. These games revolve around your character after all and it takes a long time to build them up, so it’ll really bug me if I’m not 100% happy with them. Sometimes I will actually restart over to get another chance at character creation. Other times it can just take a while for them to grow on me.

I wasn’t entirely sure about the hair colour on my Rift character (Cyndawulf). In certain lighting it appeared more pink than purple, which wasn’t my intention. I carried on playing anyway, and I became kind of attached to her as she was. She seemed to have this subtle but stern look to her. I then purchased the hair colour pack and decided to go take a look at the barbershop to darken that hair. It didn’t look right though because I had become so adjusted to that lighter colour.

It may seem a bit silly, but I’m a role-player so my characters tend to have a lot of personality to them. Often I later struggle to make any changes to them because I feel like it’s changing the essence of who they are. Even if I didn’t like those features to begin with I became adjusted to them. With a push I can change things like hair colour because it could be explained, but I just couldn’t alter the face. Still it feels odd after using them for so long for them to suddenly look so different.

I decided to make that leap with my Rift Character. I totally changed her colour scheme to red (and this involved changing her hair colour, eye colour and costume colour.) I was staring at the character creation screen for quite some time before I finally decided to commit to that change. I changed her build as well. Now that I’m use to her again I’m glad I did because I think it looks pretty cool. I suppose I can just explain this away by saying that she’s hit a rebellious period in her life and could make those changes using magic. 😛

I think it’s good that MMOs allow you to make changes to appearance at any point (and hopefully for a low price too,) but for the most part it just feels wrong to me to change them. I often wish they would let you change hair though, in terms of letting it down or tying it back.

Rift Cyndawulf

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