Creature Diaries – Part 1 (Creatures 2)

So I decided to return back to Creatures 2 (see ‘Feeling Nostalgic For Creatures.’) I’ve never been very good at this game – plus Norns can be pretty finicky – but I’m going to have a go at breeding a few anyway and see what happens. I usually prefer to keep the creatures in the world so that they all age naturally in relation to each other, but I may have to export a few if things get a bit chaotic.

I’m a bit rusty at the moment as I have to re-learn Norn care. My first Norn is of the Golden Dessert breed. I was hoping for a girl (I seem to remember that females take longer to reach sexual maturity,) but it turned out to be male. I called him Yasha.


So far Yasha seems quite smart, although they usually listen to you more when they’re younger and often I find they become more distinctive as they get older. I trained him all of the words from each computer as well as trying to impress upon him the importance of activities like eating. Soon, I felt ready to unleash him from the nursery upon the rest of the world. He took the left lift and stopped on route to pick up the ‘Science Kit.’ This kit is quite useful as it allows you to inject your creatures with different chemicals for varying results (for example, if they’re unconscious you can inject them with ‘Defibrillant’, or if they’re starving to death ‘Liquid Food.’) Yasha didn’t seem too keen to be on the surface at first and tried to take the lift back down, but eventually I encouraged him to move across the rope bridge to the left.

At this point I decided to hatch a female Norn as I would like Yasha to eventually have a breeding partner. Again I went through my usual rigorous training regime until she too was ready leave. She seems to have a shorter attention span than Yasha, but everything seemed to go well with a bit of patience. On the surface Emerald found a liking for honey. She seemed to enjoy exploring more to the right, playing with the boat and crossing backwards and forwards across the water. Meanwhile Yasha had reached the beach by the volcano where he had discovered a substantial appetite for coconuts. I wanted these two Norns to meet so I decided to try and get Yasha to move back over to see Emerald.


I then hatched a third creature – probably making my life harder than it really should be as a Norn carer – and called him Thorn. He seemed to learn very quickly and moved through both floors of the nursery with ease. Unfortunately, while I was distracted with Thorn’s training Yasha almost drowned and fell unconscious. Luckily I got that science kit earlier, bring on the Defibrillant. Despite the ordeal he seemed like he was relatively back to normal, if not a little shaky. I decided to add some Puffer Fish to the water (as these can help rescue drowning Norns) in case of future emergencies. I may also install some electric gates to prevent them from walking that way in the first place.


I decided that I needed to get my hands on more kits to help me with my Norn care and that would require exploring further out into the world. I was originally going to take Thorn for this as he seems quite intelligent, but Yasha was so keen to follow the hand. Yasha seems to be incredibly obedient and does exactly what I tell him to. We took the lift from the left side down into what looks like a bunch of science labs. Here we picked up the applets ‘Grendle and Ettin Selector,’ ‘Infinite Scroll’ and ‘Advanced Science Kit.’ Along the way, Yasha also tried a few new fruits, including the Tantris berry. Emerald and Thorn meanwhile continued to enjoy each others company on the surface. Emerald wondered off at one point, but managed to activate a teleporter taking her back to the incubator room.


After Yasha’s mini adventure I decided to group all three Norns back together as I would hopefully like a couple of them to breed (preferably Yasha and Emerald.) I moved them all down to the base of the volcano where there are a few different things to eat and no water where they can drown. There is also an Ettin and a Grendle residing down there, but hopefully they’ll all get along.

While the three Norns settled into their new home I took the time to hatch a fourth egg. The new Norn is called Lillith. Throughout her training I continued to pop back to check on the other three Norns. Eggs had started to appear, but I’m not entirely sure who the parents are. I’m picking them up as I notice them as I’d rather have control over when they hatch. I accidently missed one and a 5th Norn hatched in the wild. She looked like her mum and sure enough, her parents are Thorn and Emerald (I can probably make the assumption that the other eggs also belong to them.) I wasn’t sure whether to just leaver her to develop naturally or to transport her to the incubator room for training. While she seemed to be enjoying the company of her mother I finally decided on the latter and moved her. I named her Jade.


The time had come where I decided to split Thorn from Emerald as they seem to be creating an immense number of eggs. I moved Thorn back up to the surface, which should hopefully give Yasha the chance to spend some time with Emerald. I also finally allowed Lillith to move up to the surface. I would like to take her exploring through the world – perhaps to locate that final implement. She may also get the chance to meet Thorn along the way.

Unfortunately as I began Jade’s training I noticed that she appeared to look a lot older than Lillith even though she was actually younger. She was ageing at a rapid rate. I’m not sure why, whether it’s a defect in her genes or something that happened to her in the wild before I picked her up. Sadly, she later died. Her mother Emerald seemed to feel a lot of pain at the same time as if she was aware of Jade’s passing. At least Jade looked happy before she departed, but I’m now regretting parting her from Emerald during her short life.


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