Cutting Out TV

Television has become one of those normal staples of life. I think almost everybody watches TV on a regular basis and nobody ever questions it. To be honest, sometimes I really hate TV and on several occasions now I’ve tried to limit how much I watch per day – usually always failing. When I’m on my own I very rarely feel the urge to turn it on and during those times I tend to get more done in my day and feel happier as a result of it. If other people are around the television gets left on a lot, and just passing through I find it all too easy to get sucked into watching a show that I never really cared about in the first place. It’s like I have this complex where I don’t want to miss out on something, but by the time the programme has finished I’m no better off.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some good TV shows out there. I’m currently watching Saving Hope which has been really interesting so far. We have it on a boxset though so can watch it whenever it suits; I generally prefer to buy my favourite shows on boxset if I can, or if not catch them on Netflix. I also enjoy watching quiz shows and the odd documentary. The problem is we also fill our heads with a lot of cheap stuff too. I’m embarrassed to admit to some of the reality TV shows I’ve sat through even though deep down I’m not really keen on them. Some are ok for a bit of light entertainment, but I really dislike the ones that are made at the expense of real people. I’m never sure whether to watch the news either because while I like to keep informed much of it feels sensationalized and leaves me feeling worse than before I started.

I’ve been reading a lot recently and I have to say that I feel a lot more satisfied after a session with a good book to some of the stuff I sit through in front of the box. I use to read a lot as a child; visiting the library on a weekly basis. As I got older I read less and less, often complaining about how I don’t have the time to do it anymore. In truth I probably could find the time even if it meant sacrificing a little bit of TV viewing. There’s no doubt that for me what I get from my books is of a much higher quality to some of the shows I’ve watched. I think I would also prefer to play more video games too :P.

TV allows us to have an easy downtime and amongst all the rubbish there is some really good stuff, but I really wish it didn’t always get turned on as a default. Sometimes the quiet feels blissful in the absence of TV and I really appreciate having that extra time for other interests. I find it almost scary to think how much time I’ve probably wasted watching things that added no value to my life. As strongly as I feel about this however, I’ll probably still end up falling back into bad habits because at the end of a tiring day I find it difficult to avoid the temptation to just relax in my recliner and switch off for a while.

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