Creature Diaries – Part 2 (Creatures 2)

Some of my older Norns are being less responsive to my commands – Yasha in particular. Perhaps he no longer likes being told what to do (this can happen as they get older.) I decided to leave Yasha and Emerald together in the swamps and spend some time with Lillith.

Lillith travelled to the beach where she seemed to develop an amazing appetite for coconuts – even more so than Yasha’s first outing to this spot. She ate the one on the beach that I’d handed to her and then continued to pick more from the tree. When she’d finally had her fill she took the lift down into the volcanoo where she met Yasha and Emerald for the first time. She was just passing through on her way to the lift up to the splicing labs where she located the final implement, unlocking the ‘Neuroscience Kit.’ I’m feeling pretty chuffed about this as I’ve never actually obtained all of the applets manually before in favour of using the game state controller. It definitely feels better to have found them all myself. I was going to guide Lillith back to the surface to keep Thorn company, but somehow without my instruction she managed to do so all by herself using the teleporter.

lillith beach

I wanted to bring up one of Emerald’s many offspring and randomly selected an egg to hatch. The new Norn is also a female and I named her Fern. She seems a lot healthier than Jade was, if not a little hyperactive – refusing to rest when is needed. I put her through the training until she too was ready to venture out into the big wide world. While it would be a lot of hard work I’m half tempted to hatch another male Norn should she need a breeding partner when she grows up.


It soon became apparent to me that keeping Yasha and Emerald together was not working out. Every time I checked back on them they were exhausted and sleep deprived. No sign of eggs either. I checked the breeders kit for Yasha, which made it clear to me that he is infertile; This is really disappointing as I wanted to pass on the hardier aspects of his Golden Dessert breed. I separated the two and after a while they seemed to become revitalised.


In contrast Lillith and Thorn are getting on incredibly well. Thorn is almost always happy and I frequently catch him dancing by stomping one foot on the ground. Once Lillith came of age she mated with Thorn and laid an egg. I’m going to have to try and get myself another breeding male.

Fern went on a little exploration by herself to the left. Unfortunately while I was distracted with the others I came back to find her deceased. She must have fallen into the little underground frog pond. I feel really guilty about this as she was overall a relatively healthy creature. I’m really not doing a good job with Emerald’s offspring. Bring on more puffer fish and electric gates I think. I need to make this a Norn friendly place.

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