Too Embarrassed To Like Something

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more mature in my own ability to admit to the things I like without feeling embarrassed (interests that were intended for children in particular.) Now let me explain what I mean by this. When Pokemon first became popular I was actually too embarrassed to admit that I liked it. The rest of my family thought it was terrible from what they’d seen of the anime, but they probably wouldn’t have judged me for disagreeing. Still I missed out on the show and the cards and kept my own secret stockpile of Pokemon stickers under my bed (I gave my friends my pocket money to buy them for me.) Years later when my stack of stickers were discovered I pretended that I’d been looking after them for a friend who had never reclaimed them. I also kept my like of Anime in general a secret for a long time.

I eventually made some new friends who were all avid Pokemon fans and encouraged me to try the game. They taught me everything I know about how to breed and train Pokemon. It was amazing knowing people to share this interest with and it felt a bit like I was making up for missing out during my childhood. I felt like such a newbie, but in time I was soon able to battle them as an equal. I even entered myself into a Pokemon tournament.

At the start of the year my boyfriend treated me to my first ever pack of Pokemon cards. To be honest I wouldn’t advise starting the craze – it’s expensive and terribly addictive – but all I could think about was how cool it was to finally own my own set. I was also given a box full of old Pokemon cards recently from a friend who wanted to make space. Oh how far I’ve come as a Pokemon trainer.

At some point many of us feel like we have to show how grown up we are by selling our old toys. We got rid of all our Disney films and some of our cuddly toys too. Despite the clearance effort, the old cuddly toys began to be replaced by new ones and sure enough we even found ourselves buying new copies of the films we use to own. Just because something is for kids, it doesn’t mean there’s no value in it to be had anymore. I think nostalgia can also be comforting and it reminds you of a time when life was simpler.

There are times when you feel like you have to change for the sake of others – I was once told that I was an embarrassment for playing Pokemon on my DS in public. I’m personally not that embarrassed about my own interests anymore and no longer feel the need to keep up a pretence about who I am; I think that realizing this is rather oddly a sign of maturity in its own right. Life’s too short to allow yourself to miss out on the things you enjoy just because other people don’t like it or regard it to be childish. I regret not being able to enjoy Pokemon from an earlier age.

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