Thoughts On Fantasy Life (3Ds)

On my PC or consoles I prefer to play games that have really good mechanics and story, but on a handheld I prefer games that focus more on strong progression. I suppose it’s the difference in how I play them. I tend to play my handhelds while on the move or while watching something else at the same time. It’s also not uncommon for me to have the volume turned down. As such I would probably fail to fully take in important plot points. I can be a bit of a grinder at times too and handhelds are great for keeping my hands busy while occupying my mind elsewhere.

So far on my 3Ds I’ve tried games like ‘Harvest Moon a New Beginning’ and ‘Hometown Story.’ To be honest, both games disappointed me slightly because the progression felt a little slow. Pokemon has always been one of my favourite games because I can be constantly training in the background. Well, a few weeks back I got myself a new game called Fantasy Life and it’s absolutely everything I’ve been looking for.

The great thing about Fantasy Life is that it can be played in many different ways. You can switch between different jobs and then perform quests to increase in rank. The available jobs are paladin, mercenary, hunter, wizard, blacksmith, carpenter, tailor, alchemist, cook, angler, woodcutter and miner. Each one comes with a different set of skills or mini games to perform. The mechanics are pretty simple and easy to pick up – with decent tutorials – and yet fun at the same time. I imagine that this game could cater to lots of different playing styles; In my case I have found the progression to be incredibly satisfying.

Fantasy Life does include a story, but it’s simplistic and easy to follow. The story sections are also clearly separated from the rest of the content for me to activate whenever I feel ready; This means that I can save those points for when I’m in a quiet place and can fully focus on them. Some of the reviews I’ve read complain that the game includes too much text, but I haven’t found this to be the case myself as it comes in bursts of dialogue. I suppose for any RPG fan, having to read a lot is something that we sometimes have to expect; I don’t mind so long as it’s not like the short stories in ‘Lost Odyssey.’

Other cool features include a great character creation system, houses, pets and mounts. I also love the art work and the cutesy aspects of it. The main gripe is probably that the game has you running backwards and forwards a lot and there’s no quick way to switch jobs around (although, so long as I have the right tools equipped I can still gather matériels while being in a combat class.) Sometimes I also have a tendency to attack when I wasn’t meaning to because the ‘A’ button is both attack and activate – you have to press ‘B’ to put your weapon away first. Still, these are only minor grievances when stacked up against the positives.

I was wary that Fantasy Life was going to try too much to the point that the mechanics would feel watered down, but this reservation has been left unrealized. I’m adding this game to my list of favourite 3Ds titles alongside ‘Pokemon X/Y’ and ‘Bravely Default.’


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2 responses to “Thoughts On Fantasy Life (3Ds)”

  1. bluehobbes says :

    Thanks for sharing this review! I’ve been curious about this game. I enjoyed the charm of games like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon but couldn’t maintain my interest in them. Fantasy Life might be what I’m looking for!

    • wallcat says :

      Same problem here. I liked the idea and style behind those games, but they didn’t have enough to maintain my interest. I find the pacing of Fantasy Life to be more to my liking.

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