Levelling Up Faster In SWTOR

I’ve decided to put Star Wars The Old Republic on to update for it finally feels like a good time to return. I absolutely loved the game when I got it on launch, but I think a large part of that was thanks to the strong attachment that I developed for my character Sebastian. He was an inquisitor and I personally find it more fun to play on the dark side. I remember even as a kid watching the Star Wars films, it was characters like Darth Vader and Darth Maul that use to fascinate me the most. I enjoyed witnessing that corruption and the struggle to resist the temptation of power. This to me is much more interesting than the finer ways of the Jedi.

For all its flaws I loved SWTOR because it was the first time an MMORPG gripped me fully for the story and not just for experience and levels. I adored Sebastian’s voice actor and the plot incorporated a lot of the aspects that interest me about the sith. I played for a few months up to the release of Mass Effect 3, which caused my interest to dwindle and move away. Unfortunately I never did finish that story or any other, which really bugs me. It just takes such a long time to complete one character. The later parts of the game can feel like a bit of a grind having to move through large maps filled with enemies. Still, I would like to experience those stories, but every time I tried to return since it has never felt the same as that initial excitement that I had for it.

The reason that I’m going to try and return now is that new content will be released for the game in December. For starters this content is related to Revan, one of my favourite characters in the Star Wars universe. Secondly, pre-ordering with a subscription will allow players to level up 12x faster leading up to the launch. This means that I can focus solely on the main story and get through it much more quickly. My partner already started last week on a new character and has managed to get through several planets already. It will feel a bit strange ignoring all of those other quest markers, but it seems like a good opportunity to see what those other stories are about.


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