Into The First Week Of NaNoWriMo

I didn’t really get to the best start with this because the beginning of this month coincided with the Whitby Goth festival, so I’m already running a little behind. I’ve been writing a few extra words each day in the hopes of gradually catching that up, but I have to admit that it’s proving more difficult than I thought it would be.

I tend to be an early riser, and after a good nights sleep I find I can be very productive. I tend to start slowing down later on and I struggle to find the words to add to the page. The main difficulty I’m finding is that I have a bad habit of editing while I write, and I have to learn to let go of that inner perfectionist. I remember when I use to write as a kid and how I would just go for it unplanned. It didn’t really matter, I just enjoyed splashing out my imagination onto the page. Now that I’m older it sort of eats away at me to know that much of what I’ve written probably isn’t very good. Although it really doesn’t matter because it’s a personal journey that I wanted to attempt just for the experience and enjoyment of it anyway. There’s no consequence if I don’t succeed – although I do have a stubborn resolve when I put my mind to something – and nobody has to see the final thing. I can also spend as long as I like editing it afterwards. I’m starting to think more like, I just have to get a lot of content down to work through afterwards. I do think some magical moments have emerged in the writing too and I hope to find more of where they’ve come from.

I really loved one of the pep talks from Chuck Wendig, that I think you could easily apply to many creative pursuits:

‘The blank page is yours. Cast aside worries over art and criticism. Imagine a land without rules. Imagine that nobody has ever told you that you cannot or should not do this thing. Those people were wrong. Forget those voices. Because, for real?
It’s an empty field and you’ve got the keys to a freaking Ferrari.
It’s a white tablecloth and you’ve got ketchup, mustard, and relish.
It’s a blank page and you’ve got all the letters and words you need.
Rev the engine and take the ride. Paint with all the colors the condiments at your table allow. Create whatever robot-human monstrosities your mind cares to conjure. Crack open your chest and plop your heart onto the page.
Right now: just write. Donuts in an empty field.
Leave your mark.’

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I have a strong passion for computing. In particular programming for which I am able to use a variety of languages including C++, Visual C#, Blitz Basic, Actionscript 2.0, Python and Lua. I also enjoy web-design and have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP/SQL and Javascript. As well as programming I have a strong background in art and enjoy drawing in my spare time. When I’m not sat at my computer I like to keep fit by going to the gym or using my exercise ball.

2 responses to “Into The First Week Of NaNoWriMo”

  1. Cathrina Constantine says :

    Good Luck with NaNo!!!!

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