The Halfway Point Of NaNoWriMo

I now have 21,938 words and in just a few days time I’ll have hopefully passed the half way point. I think even if I don’t succeed at reaching the full 50,000, I’ll feel a sense of achievement just for getting to this point. I’ve caught up with my words, despite having missed the first two days. I can get away with writing slightly less per day now, which feels a lot easier by comparison and should motivate me to keep going.

I think I’m also finding it easier because I’m becoming better acquainted with my characters as I go. I’m also getting better at not editing while I write. Loads of new ideas are coming to me throughout this process, and so there are probably bits that don’t make so much sense now or are not in the right place within the story. I do often find it difficult to fully plan for something before starting though. It’s usually while I work on something that the best ideas come to me. I’m seeing this as just a part of that process of formulating my story, and then I can neaten it up afterwards.

When I write I usually do so in order, but I have been jumping around a little bit more during this as ideas have come to me. I’ve been trying to write so many words per day so as to keep up, but I have to admit that I’m finding the count to be a bit too much of a distraction adding to the pressure to write. I find that I tend to get good and bad days that affect how quickly and well I can write. I’ve hidden the word count and have found it’s better to instead set a routine of writing for so long each day. Usually if you don’t worry about it and just develop the habit of working every day the content will just happen as a result of that. I’ve also found that scribbling a few notes down before starting seems to help prepare me to start writing.

I did have a bit of a blip last week. I’m using my laptop for this; Sometimes I spend a lot of time up at my boyfriend’s place so It’s important to be able to carry it around with me. My laptop has always worked well and been reliable for me. I’ve used to build games, websites and create digital artwork without any problems. I had typed out a few paragraphs and then it suddenly blue screened on me. Luckily it came back, my work was recovered and I’ve had no issues since, but the trust is gone. I’ve been backing up my work every day anyway.

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