My Favourite Christmas Films

We only have one chance a year to watch these films and so every Christmas I try to make the effort to sit through a few of them.

  • Muppets A Christmas Carol – This is just a childhood classic for me. It became a tradition for us to watch it every year on Christmas Eve so I have really fond memories of it. I remember the song ‘Only One More Sleep til Christmas’ use to really frustrate me though because I was so impatiently excitable as a child. A lot of the songs are very catchy. I love the dark Victorian sets too. Admittedly the story is a little over done now, but this will probably always be my favourite version of it. Scrooged and Disney’s A Christmas Carol are also pretty good.
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Again this is another childhood classic for me. It’s about trying to prepare for that perfect family Christmas but having everything go wrong. It’s just a really funny, light hearted film. I also think it could be somewhat truthful for some of us, that even though we dream of having the perfect Christmas with all the family around, in reality it can be pretty stressful. In the end, it doesn’t matter so long as your loved ones are close by.
  • The Polar Express – This is about a boy who is starting to question his belief in Santa Clause, but then takes a trip on a train to the North Pole. It’s a really nice, magical story that all of the family can enjoy. What stood out to me was just how great the animation was. I also love the quirkiness of the train conductor played by Tom Hanks.
  • The Santa Clause – I haven’t actually watched this in ages (I should probably get my hands on a copy,) but I always remember enjoying it a lot. I remember it being about a man, who after accidentally killing a guy in a Santa suit finds himself turning into Santa Clause and having to take over the responsibility.
  • Jingle All The Way – This is about the mad rush of trying to pick up a toy for Christmas just to find that it has run out everywhere (I’ve heard that there’s been a similar issue with Frozen dolls this year.) I think I use to enjoy watching this because I loved the idea of running crazed through toy shops. It’s pretty silly in places, but it’s not meant to be taken seriously. After seeing the clips from Black Friday this year it also doesn’t seem like that much of an exaggeration any more.
  • Elf – I actually only watched this for the first time yesterday. From the trailers it always looked a bit too zany for my liking, but it was a lot better than I expected. It’s about a human baby who is adopted by some elves, but then wants to leave the North Pole to find his real dad. Hilarity ensues as he then attempts to settle into human society. While a lot of new Christmas films feel like they’re just for kids, this one surprised me that even as an adult I was able to enjoy it.
  • The holiday – For the most part I’m not actually a fan of romance films, but this one isn’t too bad (plus you need to have something to watch while you cosy up to your loved one.) It’s about two women who swap homes and countries to find love. The main reason that it is considered a Christmas film is just because it’s set around that time. It has some good actors in it and the humour is decent.

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2 responses to “My Favourite Christmas Films”

  1. j3w3l says :

    I think my favourite will always be home alone. Great list though

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