My White Christmas

Christmas Tree In The Snow

Each year, while my family attends a party my boyfriend and I have been taking advantage of the empty house to play card games. There are certain games that I love playing, but we don’t always have the table space to set them up.

This year it didn’t quite go according to plan. When we arrived at my place there was just a light drizzle of rain, nothing to be too concerned about. We sat down to play Cards Against Humanity, the first game was just a reminder of how to play, but then we were getting more serious on the second one. Only it was then that we also noticed that the status outside had changed somewhat. Heavy snow was falling and had already settled thickly on the ground. Parents were starting to ring through to warn us about the danger, but we were a little too carefree and tried to play onwards for a while longer. It would have been a good game too, I was going for the Novelty Goods (blue elements) while my boyfriend was starting to set up some alien technology worlds (yellow elements.)

After a while when the snow showed no signs of slowing we decided to end things early, packed up the cards and headed out to observe the state of the roads. I’d been staying over at my boyfriends so all of our stuff was at his and ideally we wanted to get back there. We’d driven in heavy snow before and the car seems to be pretty good at handling it so we rather confidently decided that we would go for it. We soon realised that we probably should have listened to our parents and taken the situation more seriously.

It wasn’t driving in the conditions that was the problem, but the fact that everybody else had had the same idea. It had taken us all so unexpectedly that everyone was trying to rush home in a panic before it got worse, only it was already pretty bad. We frequently got stuck behind other vehicles that were skidding over the road. We tried to be patient and took it slowly, but there were many cars driving incredibly close or overtaking. It surprised me to find a gritter beeping its horn in frustration because it kept getting blocked off by the other cars. There was also a sense of community that I always love to see in these types of situations. One man had donned a yellow coat and was trying to control the traffic and clear the way for the gritter. Others were jumping out to help push cars. There were families walking alongside the road, donned in blankets. Some were even excitably taking photos in the middle of the road.

After realizing we had made a mistake we turned around and headed back to mine. Our plan was to try again later when the roads had quietened down. Meanwhile my own family had also tried to rush home from the party just moments after having arrived there. My parents made it back, but had found it to be a bit of an ordeal. Some of my aunts, uncles and cousins had not yet made it back and we were waiting eagerly for the phone to ring. My granddad actually had to sleep out in the car for a good part of the night.

My boyfriend and I resumed our games. We played a game of Race For The Galaxy and then moved onto a Lord Of The Rings version of Risk. By the time we were done it was getting very late and we had to make the decision as to whether or not we were going to try and drive out in the snow again. We went for it and luckily it had turned out as we had hoped; even though the snow had continued the roads had cleared a lot and we were able to make it most of the way with no incident. There were tonnes of abandoned vehicles. A car had been left in the middle of the road at the final hurdle so we had to park to the side and walk the rest. The snow went up over my boots.

I’m not a fan of snow or the cold. I think it looks pretty and scenic from a distance, but I don’t enjoy being stuck in it. Songs like ‘Let It Snow’ and I’m Dreaming Of A White Christmas’ make it sound kind of romantic, but when we’re all out visiting families and enjoying Christmas parties it can actually be a bit of an impracticality.


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I have a strong passion for computing. In particular programming for which I am able to use a variety of languages including C++, Visual C#, Blitz Basic, Actionscript 2.0, Python and Lua. I also enjoy web-design and have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP/SQL and Javascript. As well as programming I have a strong background in art and enjoy drawing in my spare time. When I’m not sat at my computer I like to keep fit by going to the gym or using my exercise ball.

4 responses to “My White Christmas”

  1. lexacain says :

    Wow! That was some adventure! I can’t believe your Grandpa had to sleep part of the night in the car. That must have been cold. Wishing all of you a wonderful 2015!

    • wallcat says :

      Yes, I was very tired from it all the next day lol. It was worrying because my grandpa isn’t in the best state of health, but he made it back and is thankfully ok. Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful 2015 too!

  2. drakeca89 says :

    Wow thats a nasty snow fall! I went out once to get to my gf in a similar situation a 30 min rife turned into an hr and 1/2 just to get to her. But what is this a LORD OF THE RINGS RISK!!!!! I must have this!

    • wallcat says :

      Yeah, it’s horrible getting stuck in what should have otherwise been a short journey. You just have to be patient though, not much else you can do and better to stay safe. Hehe, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it to buy somewhere if you look it up. It is pretty cool. I always play the bad guys though.

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