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Celebrate The Small Things: 27 February


  • I’ve returned from a lovely holiday to one of my favourite places, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands.) It was the first major holiday my partner and I had ever enjoyed together and so it’s a special place for us and was a great way to spend our Valentine’s day together. Its also helped me to pass through some of the Winter time and the break has been really relaxing. I’m also fully stocked up on Aloe Vera products :P.
  • I came home to find a stuffed cheetah on my desk. My sister has adopted a Cheetah Family from Born Free under my name. This means a lot to me because ever since watching Disney’s African Cats I’ve fallen in love with these animals.
  • Getting a takeaway pizza as a final treat before getting back into the normal routine of life again.

Celebrate The Small Things: 6 February

Strawberry Cake

  • I af5f01-vik-smallthings2ttempted to bake a valentine’s themed strawberry cake. It might not look particularly neat, but it turned out to be quite tasty. Starting to gain a little more confidence in my baking abilities :P.
  • I started to learn how to use Ren’Py (a visual novel engine) – It’s really easy to get started with actually. I’d been meaning to learn more about this for a while and as I’ve been really into visual novels and life sims recently I remembered that I wanted give it a try. As these games involve a good combination of art, writing and programming it might be quite fun to have a go at sometime.
  • I went to see Mortdecai and it was really funny. Can never have too much Johnny Depp of course. So many films I want to watch at the moment, I don’t think I’ll get the time to see them all.
  • My boyfriend is taking the next couple of weeks off over Valentine’s day, so we’re going to take a break and spend lots of time together.

Obsessed With Collecting Things

I’m one of those people that once I decide I like something I won’t just be content with one or two of them. Before long they will start to amass within the household in ever increasing numbers. I suppose my room is the one place that can be all about me, and so I love to surround myself with things that I feel represent me. I like to collect ornaments, models, books and clothes relating to the things that I love.

I wondered if this was a trait relating to geeks in general. I’ve noticed upon visits to the bedrooms of other fellow geeks that they too seem to surround themselves with all sorts of merchandise and knick-knacks of all the things they find interesting from games to comics to anime to sci-fi etc… In fact before I agreed to go out with my boyfriend he managed to impress me with a collection of replica swords from Lord Of The Rings – Hadhafang is my favourite; That of course granted him a number of bonus points in my book :P.

One such interest I have is dragons. I’m not quite sure why or when I decided that I’d be into these winged beasts. I think they represent a level of majesty and power while also being free to go where they please. We also have a very typical idea of what a dragon is, yet they can still come in many different shapes, sizes and colours – not all dragons have to look reptilian. I use to love going around castles when I was younger too, so it wasn’t unusual to come across shops that sold fantasy or medieval related objects. It’s only a lack of space that prevents me from getting more dragon related items, although I will continue to pick the odd thing up every once in a while. Other things I’ve also been known to collect are computer textbooks, Ghibli films and anything to do with Johnny Depp or Dark Souls.

Feel free share your own obsessions in the comments below?

Here Be Dragons!

Here Be Dragons!

A few of my ornaments

A few of my ornaments

Oh and I guess I started to collect mead for a while too  :P

Oh and I guess I started to collect mead for a while too 😛

Joys At The Different Stages Of Mastery

While I was playing Pokemon Omega Ruby I came to realize how different my experience of this new game was compared to when I first played a Pokemon game. I was a latecomer to Pokemon, starting with Pearl (As I mentioned in another post ‘Too Embarrassed To Like Something.’) I only recognised a few of the Pokemon from the show and I didn’t know what they would all evolve into. It was fun changing my team around and discovering new Pokemon as I progressed. On the other hand my team was terrible. I didn’t understand that it was a bad idea to put all the same type moves onto one Pokemon and I paid very little attention to special and physical attack.

By comparison I now plan more and will look up different moves and stats. When it comes to new starters I may even look up what the final form is so that I can make a more informed decision on what to choose. Sometimes when I start a new game I will try to force myself not to plan so that I can pick my team as I play, but when you know that making certain choices will result in a better team it’s difficult not to go along with them. I use to leave the EV training on a story playthrough, but now with the inclusion of Super Training and DexNav it feels wrong not to try and get the best out of my Pokemon – I love those new features by the way.

Sometimes I miss the feeling of discovery that I use to get with Pokemon, but then I’m also getting more out of the mechanics by understanding how they work. I find that there are different joys to be had when it comes to developing mastery of a game. The first part is full of new discoveries and experiences. It’s not always fun feeling like the newbie to a scene, but learning a new system can be enjoyable. After playing for a long time I find that I am then able to connect with the more experienced players to discuss the mechanics on a deeper level. It feels really good to know your stuff and to be able to use that knowledge to fine-tune your team or invent new strategies. I quite enjoy the part between the two stages where I feel like I’m no longer struggling to play but I’m still fully engaged with the system. Once I’ve fully mastered a game there’s a chance that I might lose interest after a while in search of something new.