Joys At The Different Stages Of Mastery

While I was playing Pokemon Omega Ruby I came to realize how different my experience of this new game was compared to when I first played a Pokemon game. I was a latecomer to Pokemon, starting with Pearl (As I mentioned in another post ‘Too Embarrassed To Like Something.’) I only recognised a few of the Pokemon from the show and I didn’t know what they would all evolve into. It was fun changing my team around and discovering new Pokemon as I progressed. On the other hand my team was terrible. I didn’t understand that it was a bad idea to put all the same type moves onto one Pokemon and I paid very little attention to special and physical attack.

By comparison I now plan more and will look up different moves and stats. When it comes to new starters I may even look up what the final form is so that I can make a more informed decision on what to choose. Sometimes when I start a new game I will try to force myself not to plan so that I can pick my team as I play, but when you know that making certain choices will result in a better team it’s difficult not to go along with them. I use to leave the EV training on a story playthrough, but now with the inclusion of Super Training and DexNav it feels wrong not to try and get the best out of my Pokemon – I love those new features by the way.

Sometimes I miss the feeling of discovery that I use to get with Pokemon, but then I’m also getting more out of the mechanics by understanding how they work. I find that there are different joys to be had when it comes to developing mastery of a game. The first part is full of new discoveries and experiences. It’s not always fun feeling like the newbie to a scene, but learning a new system can be enjoyable. After playing for a long time I find that I am then able to connect with the more experienced players to discuss the mechanics on a deeper level. It feels really good to know your stuff and to be able to use that knowledge to fine-tune your team or invent new strategies. I quite enjoy the part between the two stages where I feel like I’m no longer struggling to play but I’m still fully engaged with the system. Once I’ve fully mastered a game there’s a chance that I might lose interest after a while in search of something new.


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