Celebrate The Small Things: 27 February


  • I’ve returned from a lovely holiday to one of my favourite places, Fuerteventura (Canary Islands.) It was the first major holiday my partner and I had ever enjoyed together and so it’s a special place for us and was a great way to spend our Valentine’s day together. Its also helped me to pass through some of the Winter time and the break has been really relaxing. I’m also fully stocked up on Aloe Vera products :P.
  • I came home to find a stuffed cheetah on my desk. My sister has adopted a Cheetah Family from Born Free under my name. This means a lot to me because ever since watching Disney’s African Cats I’ve fallen in love with these animals.
  • Getting a takeaway pizza as a final treat before getting back into the normal routine of life again.

About wallcat

I have a strong passion for computing. In particular programming for which I am able to use a variety of languages including C++, Visual C#, Blitz Basic, Actionscript 2.0, Python and Lua. I also enjoy web-design and have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP/SQL and Javascript. As well as programming I have a strong background in art and enjoy drawing in my spare time. When Iā€™m not sat at my computer I like to keep fit by going to the gym or using my exercise ball.

14 responses to “Celebrate The Small Things: 27 February”

  1. Lori L MacLaughlin says :

    Welcome back! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the stuffed cheetah. I’ve always liked stuffed animals. I have way too many in my house. Have a great weekend!

  2. eclecticalli says :

    That sounds really lovely! I’d LOVE a vacation somewhere šŸ™‚

    • wallcat says :

      It had been a while since our last major vacation and we finally decided it was time to treat ourselves to one. Life’s for enjoying too after all. You could make plans for one sometime.

      • eclecticalli says :

        I am trying to — it’s a challenge because it involves scheduling time off of work, and having money saved to be able to actually go somewhere (since a vacation at home end up not being a vacation at all). At this point my goal is to take an (in-town) vacation next January (for my birthday), saving to do something more elaborate Summer 2016. šŸ™‚

      • wallcat says :

        Yeah, I know what you mean. It can be awkward arranging things around work and money. We find that it helps to make some plans and arrangements though – even if it’s really far off – as it gives you something to look forward to. We’re already starting to consider when we want our next vacation to be (takes the sting out of coming back home too.)

  3. lexacain says :

    Those are great things to celebrate! The vacay sounds wonderful, and all that more special since it was your first time away together. So sweet about the Cheetahs – both real and stuffed! You can’t go wrong with pizza. I have it once a week. Yum!

    • wallcat says :

      Yeah it was brilliant, just went by so quickly. My partner and I don’t always get just ‘us’ time so it makes it all the more important to make it. Yeah I have a once a week pizza rule, or once a month for something a bit fancier. I’m trying to eat more healthily, but you still need to have those treats sometimes.

  4. Tyrean (@TyreanMartinson) says :

    Welcome back! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! The stuffed cheetah and the purpose behind it are sweet!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. dcrelief says :

    That’s what I call a serious celebration. Pizza? Not unless the ground stays free of ice tonight (smile).

  6. lgkeltner says :

    That sounds like an amazing holiday!

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