Review Of ‘Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble’

ladythynameistroubleI was given the privilege of being sent a copy of ‘Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble‘ by the author Lori L. Maclaughlin so that I could read and review it. She manages a blog called ‘Writing, Reading, and the Pursuit of Dreams‘ where you can read all about her writing journey.

The book is a fantasy adventure about the sisters Tara and Laraina who end up fleeing with a prince and young sorceress after a surprise invasion by the Sulledorn army. An assassin who has never previously failed in his mission – called the butcher – is pursuing them. As the name of the book suggests, this is a story full of ups and downs. It doesn’t take long for the action to start and continues at a high and exciting pace through to the very end. At times the book is quite dark and tense – with some sad moments too -, making the sprinklings of romance and humour all the more delightful.

I found myself developing a fondness for the characters as they desperately try to flee the butcher. In some ways the story feels like it’s more about the characters and how they grow and change than the rising Sulledorn army, which provides a means for this to happen. Even the butcher offers a lot of intrigue – at first he seems inhuman and invulnerable, only to develop to the point that you can almost sympathise with him. The main character also appears to be strong and undefeatable, only to have to face self doubt for what seems like the first time. These character arcs help to drive the story forward. Back stories are also trickled through to help explain some of the character’s motives, but there is enough held back to leave you always wanting to find out more.

Tara and Laraina are the most interesting characters in the story – referred to as fire and ice with the looks and personalities to fit. While in the beginning they seem like your typical swords for hire, they develop in complexity as the story progresses. While their relationship feels unwavering at first – just like the characters themselves -, it later becomes apparent that each sister’s own desire is in conflict with maintaining what they share. Their similarities and differences leave an impact on how the plot and characters develop, and it was an aspect of the story that I thoroughly enjoyed. I also quite like strong female leads. I can imagine many more exciting tales could be told about the adventures of these sisters.

The way the story is written particularly appealed to me; it flows nicely and is easy to read. It doesn’t overwhelm you with descriptions and explanations, which is a problem that can easily crop up in the fantasy genre. At the same time there is enough depth there to help bring it all to life. It feels like you’re jumping into the world and based on the encounters the characters have you can sense there is a history to it that is yet to be revealed. I would have liked to have found out more, but it is left open for the next book; Even so, the ending felt very satisfying. Can’t wait for book two.

‘Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble’ is an action packed adventure containing aspects of humour and romance with an interesting array of characters. An enjoyable read for fans of the fantasy genre.


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7 responses to “Review Of ‘Lady, Thy Name Is Trouble’”

  1. Lori L MacLaughlin says :

    Thanks so much, Jo, for the wonderful review!!

  2. Sue Archer says :

    I very much enjoyed Lori’s book as well. The writing feels like it flows along effortlessly (although I know a lot of effort was put into it!). And those Triannon sisters are so much fun to watch as they develop through the story. Great review!

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