Star Wars Books (Drew Karpyshyn)

I’ve really been into Star Wars lately. Leading up to Christmas I sort of fatigued myself playing The Old Republic a lot; during the experience boost up to the release of the expansion Shadow Of Revan. After that point my interest sort of died down for a bit; Sometimes an experience boost can also be a bad thing because the game won’t feel so good once the bonus is removed. My partner kept insisting that I read the Revan book by Drew Karpyshyn though, something that I had meant to do a long time ago at the release of The Old Republic, but for some reason I never got around to it. It’s a fairly short and easy read so I figured I could now make time for it. Reading this book managed to put me back in a Star Wars mood.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Revan. Drew Karpyshyn’s writing style does appeal to me though (he also wrote the Mass Effect books and worked for Bioware.) He has a simpler style that seems to cut straight to the point (in contrast to other books where you’re left thinking that they could have made it shorter and edited some parts out.) It also feels like he knows a lot about the subject matter, offering little geeky titbits – such as what lightsaber form a character is using. At the same time I don’t think you have to be massively up on Star Wars to follow the stories, but the details are there for those that want it.

I enjoy learning about the old republic era more so than the time around the films. I always liked Star Wars, but I got into it more after playing Knights Of The Old Republic (There is a lot of content outside of the films that is just as good if not better.) I was introduced to Revan for the first time and I absolutely loved the character and the story that revolved around him (the twist is still one of my favourite reveals.) I haven’t completed the second game. I’ve started it, but for some reason it doesn’t maintain my interest for long enough to get to the very end. Either way, as far as I know, Revan has disappeared during the time of that game and the book explains where he was. The story also introduces a character called Lord Scourge. Somehow their fates become entwined as they attempt to take on the Sith emperor.

The ending of the book is exciting, but is also left open and isn’t entirely satisfying. I’ve heard that it concludes in The Old Republic knight storyline (Lord Scourge also appears as a companion.) I’ve finished all of the storylines on the side of the Empire (I just find this side more entertaining for some reason,) but knowing what I do now I’m eager to start a knight at some point.

Reading Revan left me wanting more, so I went onto the Darth Bane trilogy (also written by Drew Karpyshyn.) These books follow the rise of Darth Bane from his beginnings as a miner on Apatros to the battle with his apprentice. He was the one that noticed a flaw in the system and invented the rule of two – there can only ever be one master and one apprentice. The reasoning behind this was because the very nature of the Sith – power to the individual – meant that they were constantly weakening the order through infighting. A group of less powerful Sith could take down a leader. Having just one apprentice killing the master to take their place ensures that they will always get stronger. The very nature of the Sith is at times contradictory and at odds with itself.

Despite Revan being my favourite Star Wars character I think I enjoyed the Darth Bane books more. I found it really interesting how they followed through so much of Bane’s life and the process to becoming a Sith. You can understand how he ended up being on the dark side and even find yourself rooting for him only to have your allegiance later changed to his apprentice. The final battle is a thrilling one.

I don’t own Drew Karpyshyn’s final Star Wars book – Annihilation. I’ll probably correct that at some point. I do have a few other Star Wars books that have been sat on my kindle for a while and need attending to though. If you are a fan of The Old Republic or just Star Wars in general I would recommend trying some of the books out as they add to the plot and help to explain a few things. One of the main reasons for why I would like to get through all the classes in The Old Republic is because I want to find out about all of the stories in it.

I’m currently reading A Brief Guide To Star Wars by Brian J. Robb that covers how the franchise began. I picked it up for less than £1 and wasn’t sure if it was going to be any good. Its been a compelling read so far. I always find stories about unexpected successes and the struggles leading to them to be inspiring.


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4 responses to “Star Wars Books (Drew Karpyshyn)”

  1. Lori L MacLaughlin says :

    I love the original Star Wars movies, but I hadn’t gotten much into all the stories beyond them. These sound like really good reads. I’ll look them up. Thanks!

    • wallcat says :

      No I hadn’t either really, until I met my boyfriend who is a massive Star Wars fan. Then I realized there were lots of interesting things to enjoy outside of the films. I did love the originals too though. Return Of The Jedi is one of my favourites.

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