Thinking About Starting A Blog?

There are lots of positive reasons for starting your own blog. Writing is a really fun activity; doing so regularly can improve our writing skills or give us a healthy outlet. It’s a good way to share the things we are working on and to receive useful feedback (see ‘The Importance Of Sharing.’) Some of the feedback that we do receive can challenge the way we think. I’ve learnt a lot from the comments and posts of other bloggers. The sense of community is wonderful and I’ve stumbled across a fair few like-minded people. There are very few opportunities in life where we can actually be ourselves, but our blog is one place where we have a lot of control. For me personally, a reason to start this blog is to overcome my anxiety of putting myself out there, even if it is just a very small part of the blogosphere.

Sill, many of us sit on the idea of keeping a blog before starting for various reasons. One such reason might be the confidence we have in our own writing skills. However, not everyone that blogs is a professional writer. I’ve never been very naturally talented at writing, but I’m good enough to share some of my ideas. Besides, what better way to improve those skills than having a reason to use them regularly.

Another reason is thinking that surely nobody will be interested in the things we have to write about. You don’t have to be the most talented or active person in the world to be interesting. In fact, I believe that everyone has something about them that is of interest to somebody else. Even if we just post diary like entries about our life I’m sure there will be another person that relates to that and finds it interesting. There’s also that doubt that we may not be able to come up with enough ideas to keep writing on a regular basis. I have slow moments where I’m not sure what I want to write about, but then there are other times that I’m brimming with ideas. So long as we keep an open mind there’s inspiration everywhere. It’s also a good idea to try and find a blog topic that we feel passionate about; Something that comes to us easily.

I’ve also come across doubts in regards to having to deal with negative criticism through our blogs. I know a lot of people that have anxiety like myself, and many of us are very driven/creative people with a lot to offer, but our own doubts in how well received we’ll be can hold us back. I’ve mostly met very friendly people so far and have had no issues. Of course, we do have to expect negative feedback from time to time, but this is something that we can learn to overcome (see ‘Dealing With Criticism‘.) It’s also probably good for us to learn how to communicate with lots of different types of people with different viewpoints. The number of positive reactions we receive can also outweigh any bad. The internet can be both wonderful and terrible, it’s up to us what we want to take from that. As for safety, we have to be careful about how much of ourselves we reveal.

Learning how to set up a blog can also be a factor, although the process is actually really simple with the use of sites such as WordPress and Blogger. There is probably a lot of advice out there for setting up a blog too. Like many aspirations in life, we can put together a list of excuses for not starting or we can just dive in head first and learn as we go. We can’t always predict the outcome of something, but trying is sometimes the only way to know for sure. If the first attempt goes wrong we can always close it down and treat it as practice. If you’ve been considering starting a blog for a while, maybe it’s time to put the excuses aside and to go for it. The world might be missing out on what you have to offer.

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