Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas

Coming up with new ideas when you most need them, no matter what the situation, can be a struggle for many of us. Blogging is one area where we frequently have to come up with new ideas on a regular basis. I’ve ventured into projects in the past just to be intimidated by the prospect of having to update it regularly, and as such they fell short. However, there are also lots of tips available on how to keep ourselves inspired.

Trying to come up with an idea on the spot usually isn’t the best way to go about it. Most of my ideas come to me when I’m not trying to find them – our brains can be working on a problem in the background without us even realizing it. As such it can be helpful to keep a journal on you at all times. I have one for games and story ideas and I also keep a file with blog post ideas. We have to train ourselves to listen to our thoughts and to keep an open mind. A lot of us just throw our thoughts away and never really act upon them. It’s a bit of a joke amongst my friends that I’m always being struck randomly with new game ideas no matter where I am, but I simply don’t have a time where I close myself off to potential ideas. I usually find that a lot of inspiration can be found at the times that I’m suppose to be out relaxing; That doesn’t mean we should never allow ourselves to switch off, but we can store those ideas away for later instead of just pushing them aside.

My friends are a fairly passionate bunch of people and it’s not unusual for us to change between many subject topics while hanging out at the pub. Chances are, something will come up that might be interesting to write about later on. I allow myself to make a mental note at the time. If not with our friends we can find a lot of like minded people online through forums, communities and on other blogs. In fact, other bloggers can be a great source for ideas; We might be able to add to a topic or offer a different viewpoint – make sure to link back to them in this case. There’s also the option of writing to others to see if they want to do an interview or guest post.

Allowing ourselves to enjoy lots of experiences or exposing ourselves to lots of information can also give us more places from which to draw inspiration. Depending on the content of the blog, searching lots of relevant news sites and checking trends on social networks might help. I spend a lot of my spare time playing games, reading books and watching films – sometimes I form an opinion or analysis that I can then write about.

We could also look back over previous blog posts. Maybe we can extend a topic further and write more about it now. It’s also a good idea to break posts down if the scope is too wide, therefore turning one idea into two potential posts. Very lengthy posts could also be separated into parts as a series. Some topics can also re-occur, making it easier to figure out what to post on particular days. For example, I loved the Fan Art Friday on The Nerd Nebula. There are also plenty of sources online and in books outlining different blog post structures.

It’s also important not to be too critical on ourselves. Not all blog posts are going to be masterpieces or as well received as we’d like, but worrying about it can cause us to freeze up. Don’t be too quick to throw out ideas, even if now doesn’t feel like the right time to work on it – just keep it written somewhere.

Being able to create new content consistently can be a challenge. Lots of us have slower moments where we’re not quite sure what we want to create that day, but there are lots of ways in which we can help ourselves to get inspired. Keeping a blog can be a good way to help develop these skills and to motivate us to stay updated.

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5 responses to “Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas”

  1. D.I. Ozier says :

    Good advice. One thing that I’ve found helpful when coming up with ideas for potential blog posts is to start with titles. “How to…” or “Why You Should…” or “I Wish I’d…”–things like that can help you brainstorm ideas for new posts (even those titles don’t make it into your final draft.)

  2. anopiniononlife says :

    This is an issue that has unfortunately stumped me on a number of occasions over my two years (my anniversary is tomorrow) and it really sucks, but we still get by…. Great post as always!

    • wallcat says :

      Thanks. Yeah, it can happen to us all, but you’ve done really well to keep it up for two years, congrats. Keep it up, I really enjoy reading your blog.

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