Celebrate The Small Things: 28 August

Got a lot more “me time” this week; admittedly I spent a good part of that relaxing. I’m also close to finishing the prototype for the game I’m building – the one based on somebody else’s idea. I’m very much looking forward to showing it off. Yeah, even though it’s suppose to be a really simple concept I still somehow found a way to fill several pages in my notepad with ideas I want to try out – I’m terrible for overcomplicating things. 😛

Had a meal out with the parents. It was my dad’s birthday so I wanted to spend some quality time with him. This meal also included a helter-skelter of profiteroles, which was very tasty – albeit not very healthy. Also went to the cinema with a couple of friends to see Pixels. We were admittedly curious because the film has received such bad reviews. We were kind of hoping it’d be bad in an endearing way – you know when something is so bad it’s actually entertaining? To be honest I think our expectations were set so low that it surprised us to find ourselves engaged with the plot despite all of the flaws. Had a lot of fun discussing it afterwards too.

Going to order a takeaway pizza tonight and spend some quality time with the boyfriend. We’ve been playing a lot of Diablo 3 lately and just have to get through the Reaper Of Souls expansion.



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About wallcat

I have a strong passion for computing. In particular programming for which I am able to use a variety of languages including C++, Visual C#, Blitz Basic, Actionscript 2.0, Python and Lua. I also enjoy web-design and have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP/SQL and Javascript. As well as programming I have a strong background in art and enjoy drawing in my spare time. When I’m not sat at my computer I like to keep fit by going to the gym or using my exercise ball.

17 responses to “Celebrate The Small Things: 28 August”

  1. eclecticalli says :

    Ugh, over-complicating things is the worst! Hope you push through it!
    I actually kind of enjoy when something is better than expected – glad you had a good movie night!

  2. Kate Larkindale (@Vampyr14) says :

    Glad to hear Pixels isn’t as bad as you thought. My kids are desperate to see it. Sounds like you’ve had a great week.

    • wallcat says :

      I think the film has been taken too seriously and gamers consider detail to be very important, but it’s colourful and fun regardless – definitely seen much worse films.

  3. Lori L MacLaughlin says :

    Hmmm… profiteroles. I’ve never heard of them, either, but if they’re not healthy and taste good, I’m sure I’d like them. 🙂 I haven’t seen Pixels yet, but will probably see it on DVD at some point. Good luck with your gaming!

  4. Desiree says :

    Glad you had fun with your parents. I think if I die before my husband, he’ll put: She was terrible for overcomplicating things on my tombstone! 🙂 Have a great week!

    Desiree Yearning
    Author/ Sign-up for my Blog at my website!
    e:desireeyearning@gmail.com | w:http://desireeyearning.weebly.com/

  5. lexacain says :

    Congrats for accomplishing so much on the new game! I love spending time out with friends or family and having dinner or going to the movies. It’s so de-stressing after too much work. Have a nice pizza and a great weekend!

    • wallcat says :

      Thanks. I think it’s really important to try and make a little bit of time for that each week. It’s as you say, de-stressing. Helps to take your mind off things for a while. Have a great week!

  6. M.R.R. says :

    Chatting about movies is one of my favorite reasons to watch them. 🙂
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. nissa_loves_cats says :

    Glad you got to see a movie that didn’t disappoint. And congratulations on getting stuff done on the game.

  8. Sharon Marie Himsl says :

    I hear you. Over complicating things can be a problem. Congrats on making progress on the game.

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