Celebrate The Small Things: 23 October

I made a decision to quit some projects I’d been working on this week. It’s difficult to be able to say ‘I’ve had enough of this,’ but actually I feel more free and better for it. Knowing when to quit is powerful in and of itself, because it gives us more time to explore other avenues. Speaking of which, I found that I was able to invest much more time on my game development this week and it helped being able to fully focus. I worked on it all day and into the early hours of the morning. I haven’t felt like doing that in a while, but I just got into that flow and it felt good.

I got two prototypes done. I’m not actually happy with them as I’ve been struggling to balance, but its inspired a new idea that I’m really looking forward to giving a go. I’m getting better at learning to let go of everything needing to be perfect, which is ridiculous anyway. I feel less stressed and can enjoy it more as a result.

In general I’ve just been feeling a bit happier in and of myself this week. It’s probably too early to say but I think my attempts to be more mindful have actually been paying off. I also have a few plans to look forward to over the next couple of weeks. To everyone reading, enjoy your weekend!

f5f01-vik-smallthings2Celebrate the Small Things is a weekly celebration created by VikLit and now hosted by Lexa Cain to celebrate the happenings of the week, however small or large. You can learn all about it and sign up for it here.


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About wallcat

I have a strong passion for computing. In particular programming for which I am able to use a variety of languages including C++, Visual C#, Blitz Basic, Actionscript 2.0, Python and Lua. I also enjoy web-design and have some knowledge of HTML/CSS, PHP/SQL and Javascript. As well as programming I have a strong background in art and enjoy drawing in my spare time. When I’m not sat at my computer I like to keep fit by going to the gym or using my exercise ball.

10 responses to “Celebrate The Small Things: 23 October”

  1. Aura Eadon says :

    Funny how both the last and this week I’ve been writing about letting go and giving up and the massive difference between the two, something I am still learning. You let go of undue expectations and in doing so you increased your energy and happiness and that is a beautiful example of letting go but not giving up. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and week ahead.

    • wallcat says :

      I love what what you wrote about them. I’m in a similar place at the moment. In fact, this entire year I’ve been changing and growing emotionally. I feel like I’m going through a grieving process in a way, to let go of long held beliefs, hopes and expectations. I know that if I can keep working on it I’ll feel better in the long run.

      I think we tend to associate emotions with certain actions. Like to most people quitting is automatically thought of as a negative word. Only, it can be good or bad depending on the situation. My biggest concern was telling other people about my plans as we can react negatively to change.

      Thank you, your thoughts on this have been wonderful and have reassured me. Have a nice week.

  2. Lori L MacLaughlin says :

    Sometimes when things aren’t working, it helps to put them on the shelf or just say I’m not going to waste time on it anymore and drop it completely. As you said, knowing when to say “enough” is hard, and it can be stressful, but definitely freeing. It’s great to hear you’re feeling better. Good luck with your prototypes! Hope you have a great weekend, too!

    • wallcat says :

      I suppose we have all of these negative emotions that come with stopping. Havi9ng to give up can feel like a failure, but it can also be positive too. I don’t always know if an idea is going to work until I’ve had the chance to explore it, so I guess it’s a learning process. Thanks, have a nice week.

  3. Tonja Drecker says :

    Glad that stepping back is making life easier for you. Sometimes it’s the best thing we can do.

  4. lexacain says :

    It’s great to hear your decisions are making you happy. That’s the most important thing. Good luck with new prototypes and with staying mindful. 🙂

  5. M.R.R. says :

    Good for you. Have fun with your future plans.

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