The Power Of Quitting

There are some wonderful thoughts on the blog ‘Into the Imagination Vortex‘ exploring the difference between letting go and giving up – Letting Go Gratitude and The Hunt For Resentment Gratitude. We frequently attach certain emotions to set actions, such as quitting. The problem is that such actions are neither good or bad, but just the decisions we make depending on the situation that we’re in. By only thinking of quitting as being a negative thing, we discourage ourselves from doing so when it’d be beneficial. A better way of thinking about it is that we’re letting go to free ourselves up for something else.

Letting go can be hard. It can make us feel like we’ve failed. We may feel guilty for letting others down. It could leave us feeling empty for removing something that we’re associated with. We may even feel grief for the loss. It also takes a lot of courage to commit to a decision that might result in us facing a new and uncertain future. The easy option is to continue plodding along as we always have, but that might not make us happy in the long run. I personally find that the biggest concern I have to making changes is in telling other people about it, because their own fears can fill us with doubt. I use to be more comfortable with giving lots of things a go, even if I was unsure. I was figuring out what was right for me by eliminating what was not. Only, there was this one time where a decision to quit was followed by words of disappointment. I know I did the right thing, because I was very unhappy, but it has put me off from trying new things. While it’s understandable that others will show concern for the decisions we make, only we know what feels right for us.

I’m not advocating giving up however. I’m a big believer in perseverance paying off. Choosing to quit is usually an informed decision, while many of us give up due to self-doubt and fear. To give up is to relinquish control, preventing us from being the person we want to be. Letting go on the other hand is to clear out what we don’t need, just as we throw out the clutter to make space in our homes. If we’re not careful we can be lumbered down with interests, values, beliefs or expectations that stopped working for us a long time ago. Choosing to get rid of this baggage can be an incredibly powerful decision to make as it frees us up to try out new possibilities. Just like the clichéd saying tells us, when one door closes another can open.

The video ‘Why To Quit‘ by Brendon Burchard is another excellent exploration of this topic that I recommend checking out.


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2 responses to “The Power Of Quitting”

  1. Aura Eadon says :

    Thank you so much for the shoutout, I really appreciate it. I love your distinction between giving up and letting go using the example of an informed decision to quit as opposed to quit as a reaction to self-doubt and fear. I admit that fighting with what others think of me is a biggie that I am still figuring that out. But getting there, one thought at a time. 😀

    • wallcat says :

      What you wrote was brilliant and I just had to share it. I’m the same. Even though I know I shouldn’t care about what others think, my emotions still seem to betray me. Every step forward is an achievement to be proud of.

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