Thoughts On You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost) By Felicia Day

In all honesty, I wasn’t too aware of who Felicia Day was when I came across this memoir, but the description for You’re Never Weird on the Internetsounded really interesting. She’s an actress, comedian and writer as well as an avid gamer. One of her more well known pieces of work is a web-series called The Guild, about gamers meeting up through their love of an MMORPG. (It’s incredibly entertaining and funny, so if you haven’t seen it yet check it out on her channel Geek & Sundry Within the book she writes about her unusual up-bringing and how this has influenced her life, including her love for video games. She also explores her battles with depression while working on The Guild.

It might seem strange that I’d read a book about somebody that I didn’t know that much about, but it sounded like something I could relate to and it allowed me to acquaint myself with her. I think it’s wonderful for people to share their thoughts, tribulations and jubilations about life, and in doing so you come to realize that we’re not all that different. That sounds a bit odd considering that Felicia Day is known for encouraging people to embrace their weird, but I also think that most of us are just trying the best we can and we’re not alone in some of the problems we face. One of the issues that Felicia seems to struggle with is this need to strive for perfection and an anxious mind that has her worrying over potential problems. One of her stories was about how a teacher tried to encourage her to be satisfied with her best, but instead she obsessively studied to get the high grade, even though afterwards she hasn’t used that knowledge since – it sort of reminds me of how I was at school. Although I do love her uplifting attitude about how our differences can help us to stand out. She was mostly home-schooled and one of her thoughts particularly stood out to me, that even though it was hard missing out on the social connections, there were paths that she could enjoy pursuing that she might have otherwise been discouraged from due to peer pressure – such as her enjoyment of maths. While others can have a very positive influence on us, we can also lose parts of ourselves trying to fit in.

I enjoyed this autobiography more than others I’ve tried because despite her success she still came across as a down to earth person that I could relate to. (I’m not so keen on the ones that name drop too many famous people for example.) She writes very openly about her World Of Warcraft compulsion and her issues with anxiety. Even after gaining success, she didn’t find it to be the key to happiness because of the pressure to continue delivering and in turn the fear of what would become of her after this major part of her life ended. In a final chapter she also shares her thoughts about Gamergate, and that while it was a scary experience she feels like it’s important to stand up for what you think is right.

While it might sound as if she explores some heavy issues, for the most part the book maintains a light and witty tone. She has a wonderful sense of humour that can make you laugh even about topics that carry a lot of stigma. Many of her words are also incredibly inspiring. I found it interesting to watch The Guild after reading this because I could see just how much her life had influenced the characters and plot. Overall it’s a very easy read about how she discovered a sense of community through gaming.


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    Sounds like an interesting book!

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