Pokémon Go Tips

I started Pokémon Go a little bit later than my friends did, but have managed to catch up much to everyone’s surprise. I don’t think I go out as often as they do either, but I’ve been very careful in how I’ve used my items. So here are a few tips that I followed to get a good start:

  • I didn’t power up my Pokémon right away as this is a waste of stardust. You catch better Pokémon later anyway.
  • I caught everything to begin with, especially Pidgey. Only 12 Candy is required to upgrade a Pidgey. You can get a lot of experience from upgrading so I use a lucky egg beforehand. I like to fully upgrade a Pokémon before powering it up too.
  • Eggs are another good way to gain experience as well as stardust and rare Pokémon, so always make sure to fill the incubators before going for a walk. Some incubators have limited use; To get the most out of them it’s better to fill these with the larger eggs.
  • Plan a route that will allow you to pass 10 different Pokéstops within 30 minutes. After the 10th you’ll receive double experience and twice as many items.
  • If petals appear around a Pokéstop a lure has been used, which will attract more to that location. If I’m taking a break from walking I like to position myself over a couple of stops with lures. The stops also reset after 5 minutes (the icon will fade from pink to blue) and you can use them again.
  • Go for walks at different times of the day. The type of area you are in will also affect which Pokémon will appear.
  • When catching a Pokémon holding your finger over the pokéball will cause a reticule to appear. The colour of the ring indicates the difficulty. The smaller the ring the better the chance of catching. You can also use berries and better Pokéballs to increase chances.
  • Good throws get you bonus experience while catching, indicated by text that pops up, ‘Nice!’ ‘Great!’ or ‘Excellent!’
  • The Pokéball can also be spun to create a curve ball, increasing the chance of capture and adding a small amount of bonus experience.
  • Before powering up a Pokémon I check its moves first. I prefer to have different types if possible.
  • We also use the Google Opinion Rewards app. You can fill out short surveys for rewards which can be put towards Pokécoins. You can also get coins from placing Pokémon in the gyms. As soon as you do go to the store to claim the reward. You will then need to wait for it to reset before you can claim another.
  • To save on battery turn on the saver mode in the settings, turn off AR when catching and lower the brightness of your screen. We also got a battery charger to enable us to lengthen our walks.

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