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Experimental Jägermeister Buns

jagermeister bunsI only got into baking on a more regular basis this year; before I would just follow the odd recipe every so often. I’ve come to really enjoy experimenting with different flavours and making up my own recipes. I don’t yet understand enough about the process to know how different ingredients affect the final bake, but even for an amateur it’s a really fun and creative process. Sometimes you just have to experiment to learn how the different ingredients work together. Baking is also an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend our time that i would recommend,

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up and so I’m planning to bake him a cake this week. I like to try and incorporate some of his favourite flavours, while also attempting to decorate it in a way that’ll appeal to him. One of his favourite drinks is Jägermeister and so I wondered if I could somehow use it in the cake. I’m slightly wary of the fact that alcohol burns off when baked, plus I’ve never attempted to incorporate alcohol into a cake before. From what I’ve gathered while researching this, substituting alcohol into a cake is usually done by replacing some of the water or other liquid ingredient, but too much can result in a drier texture. I also read that Jägermeister works quite well with honey. I made a small experimental batch of buns today to see what would happen.


1 egg, 42g Caster Sugar, 100g Self Raising Flour, 63g margarine, ½ tsp Baking Powder, 1.5 tbsp honey (around 25g-30g), 1 tsp water, 1.5 tbsp Jägermeister


I set the oven to gas mark 5 and prepared a muffin tin with bun cases. Then I measured out the margarine (63g), caster sugar (42g) and honey (25g-30g) and blended them together.

I measured out 100g of self raising flour into a separate bowl. I then broke one egg into a mug along with 1.5 tbsp of Jagermeister and beat it. I gradually added the egg mixture and spoonfuls of flour while blending. Once the eggs/Jägermeister had ran out the entire mixture was then added to the remaining flour along with ½ tsp baking powder and 1 tsp water. I folded it all together.

The final mixture was smooth with a slightly runny consistency. I divided it between the bun cases – this recipe made 6 buns in total – and placed in the oven for 20 minutes.


The texture and rise in the buns was pretty good and they were a lovely colour too, but the flavour didn’t come through. I might not have added enough Jägermeister to the mixture (in other examples I’ve seen they use quite a lot,) but as it’s quite an expensive drink to purchase over here I was a little coy about it I have to admit. I’ve also read that alcohol can be added to a bake by creating a syrup/glaze and brushing over, letting the cake soak it up by sitting in it or mixing it into the butter-cream/icing. I think I might just make a basic honey cake with a glaze – that way there might also be more left over for him to enjoy afterwards. See the final cake.

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Share Your Own Baking Recipes: Share And Bake

So a while ago I suddenly decided I wanted to go back to building websites, but I was a little rusty and needed some practice. My mum and I tend to watch baking programs together. I don’t usually have much time to bake – I enjoy eating the results though – but it’s something for us both to bond over. Then my mum suggested that I build a baking website to practice and have something in my portfolio. Of course, being me I couldn’t just stick with a simple idea and I started work on a site that would actually allow visitors to share their own recipes. The result of that project is Share and Bake –

I thought it would be interesting to see if I can run the site and get some more visitors. I’ve built a few sites but never tried to manage and run them afterwards. I could do with some help to test it and get some more content added. It’s all free to use and setting up an account will allow you to share your own recipes, keep a scrapbook, follow different bakers and rate and review. You also get a profile that will display all of your recipes and anything you wish to write about yourself. If you don’t fancy having an account you can still browse the recipes and share them through Twitter, Facebook and by email. I’m also hoping to find the time to add more bakes of my own.


Thanks for checking it out…