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Fireside Chats

Some things just go together great: PB&J  Wings and BBQ Sauce Batman and Robin,

How about Art and Bake Goods – mmmmmm smells like my kinda business.

Jo WallCat  Has begun to forge these 2 awesome arts and you need to take a look at the sheer goodness



Running Corgi Dog by wallcat

So Check out these awesome sites I guarantee you’ll be impressed and hungry too!!!!

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‘Processing’ Submit Button On HTML Forms


My boyfriend was telling me about one of the smaller tasks he had to do at work. He was implementing the submit buttons for HTML forms so that they displayed the word processing when clicked. He created two buttons in the body, each with a different id value. The first one calls a function when clicked. The other has its display set to none:

<input type=”button” id=”btn1″ value=”Submit” onClick=”disableButton()” />

<input type=”button” id=”btn2″ disabled=”disabled” value=”Processing…” style=”display: none;” />

The Javascript function then hides the first button and displays the second one – with the text ‘processing’ – in its place:

 <script type=”text/javascript”>

function disableButton()


document.getElementById(‘btn1’).style.display = “none”;

document.getElementById(‘btn2’).style.display = “inline”;



It’s a really simple idea and easy to implement, but I thought it was pretty nifty and wanted to add it to my own forms. If something is going to take a while to load it’s always good to give the user additional feedback so that they know something is definitely happening in response to their input. Plus I enjoy adding these types of finishing touches to my work. I decided to create my own version using Jquery. As some of my forms have multiple submit buttons I add an attribute to the button that was clicked so that I know which one to change:

$(“form input[type=submit]”).click(function()
$(this).attr(“clicked”, true);

I then catch the submit event on the form and change the value of the clicked button to ‘processing…’:


Doing it this way meant that I didn’t have to change the HTML on any of my already existing forms and could just include the file at the top.

Share Your Own Baking Recipes: Share And Bake

So a while ago I suddenly decided I wanted to go back to building websites, but I was a little rusty and needed some practice. My mum and I tend to watch baking programs together. I don’t usually have much time to bake – I enjoy eating the results though – but it’s something for us both to bond over. Then my mum suggested that I build a baking website to practice and have something in my portfolio. Of course, being me I couldn’t just stick with a simple idea and I started work on a site that would actually allow visitors to share their own recipes. The result of that project is Share and Bake –

I thought it would be interesting to see if I can run the site and get some more visitors. I’ve built a few sites but never tried to manage and run them afterwards. I could do with some help to test it and get some more content added. It’s all free to use and setting up an account will allow you to share your own recipes, keep a scrapbook, follow different bakers and rate and review. You also get a profile that will display all of your recipes and anything you wish to write about yourself. If you don’t fancy having an account you can still browse the recipes and share them through Twitter, Facebook and by email. I’m also hoping to find the time to add more bakes of my own.


Thanks for checking it out…

Using jQuery To Display XML

Last week I wrote about how I displayed some gig listings on a web page (see ‘Web Development: Displaying Content From A Text File.’) I was left a comment asking me why I hadn’t used jQuery to do this instead. I admit that I’m still in the process of learning jQuery and haven’t yet fully covered topics such as AJAX. I would also like to make sure I’m proficient with Javascript first (It’s not one of my favourite languages and I don’t get much practice with it.) Finally, I wasn’t sure if it was worth including a library for the small bits of functionality that I wanted to achieve (see ‘Do You Really Need jQuery?‘) Of course jQuery can make coding easier by removing things like version checking, and so therefore it is worth adding to your toolbox. I’ve taken another look at my gig listings, did some research and have created another version that uses jQuery.

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Displaying Content From A Text File

I’ve recently been working on a website for The Stoops. It’s a one page site with a fairly simple layout; The main thing was that they wanted to be able to have the option to update the gig listings themselves (otherwise they’re having to constantly go through the web developer.) Normally I’d jump into using databases along with PHP for dynamic content, but this felt a little bit like overkill. So I did some research for different ways of getting text to appear from a separate file onto the web page. Here is what I found:

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